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Sexually Harassed? Let Us Help!

As if work is not hard enough, you don’t have to be sexually harassed

Sexual harassment can be devastating to your financial security and mental and physical health. You don’t have to put up with it! 

Sexual harassment takes many forms.  It can be anything from dirty talk, inappropriate e-mails or texts to uninvited physical touching.  It can be offering a job promotion sexual favors are given, to writing up, demoting and even firing if they are not.  

If sexual harassment is proven against a supervisor or agent of the company, then liability (fault) can be automatically found against the company.  If the sexual harassment is by a co-worker then, commonly, for the employer to be responsible, they should know about it and if the sexual harassment continues, there again is liability against the employer.  

You can usually count on the sexual harasser to deny it, and have the company support them, so it is a good idea to secure and save any type of evidence that would show inappropriate behavior as well as outside phone numbers and addresses of any witnesses.

But now matter what stage the sexual harassment is at, give us an immediate call for a free CONFIDENTIAL consultation. 

We know how many symptoms victims of sexual harassment can suffer, including: nightmares, stomach problems, crying spells, fear, depression, anxiety, not wanting to go out, feelings of helplessness and powerlessness, etc. Let us help! 

CALL us NOW for a FREE consultation.

Our goal for you is a MONEY recovery. 

We have successfully handled numerous sexual harassment cases.  Sexual harassment law is unique so go to a law firm that knows what they are going and seeks great results.

But there are so many attorneys. How do I know who to call?  

We understand the trauma of sexual harassment and the uncertainty of finding the right lawyer to represent you.  The attorney and staff you select are crucial to you because they are the ones that fight for you.  Your attorney has to have the skills and experience to be highly persuasive with the insurance adjusters with the money, the attorneys on the other side, the judges and juries.  You want to ask the law firm you are considering to represent you how much experience they have and their personal results on the cases they have handled and in fact, if they have significant experience handling this type of case.  You must determine how friendly and cordial the law firm is to you because who would want one who is not competent, experienced, successful and nice to work for you? You may be interested to know that our friendly and knowledgable staff has worked together for near 25 YEARS.   In today’s world, that says a lot.  

Give a call now for a free consultation. No pressure. That is not our style. You can only gain from giving us a call. 

How do we get paid? 

We work on a contingency fee, that is, you don’t pay any attorney fees unless we get you money.  Addionally, courts and arbitrators can also, on occasion, award attorney fees. 

We strive to get you top results. That is our goal.  

We are respected by judges, attorneys on the other side and insurance companies.

Put us in your corner.  Let us show you what we can do for you.  Let us speak for you.  We want you to feel comfortable, confident and happy with your decision.  

Some attorneys get bothered when their clients call.  We invite your calls.  We always remember that WE WORK FOR YOU.  

When we take a case, we take it to win! 

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